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El Oro is one of the leading trophies and medals suppliers in the Philippines, thanks to our many qualities and advantages that our customers can’t find anywhere else. Our excellent experience in the trophies and medals-making industry has led to over three generations of success in the industry!

We guarantee you on-time delivery of high-quality trophies and medals for your special events and needs. We also have a wide array of products for your events, including customizable keychains, badges, flag pins, and other institutional awards and memorabilia for different types of events.

Different Events To Award Trophies And Medals

Trophies And Medals Suppliers Philippines

Our team at El Oro believes that every event should be celebrated with trophies and medals. It’s a traditional way of appreciating your people, promoting professionalism, and commemorating your event. Here are a few examples of events where trophies and awards may be given:

Corporate Events

Corporate events highlight those professionals who make unique and excellent work in their field. As one of the leading suppliers of trophies and medals in the Philippines, we make sure to be part of your corporate events as we manufacture and deliver grand and celebratory trophies and medals as a definitive reward to all outstanding professionals in the corporate environment.

Organizational Events

Organizational events consist of leaders and volunteers who are shaping the lives of other people through their initiatives for the community. And that being said, these people deserve to be awarded for their outstanding performance, leadership, and empathy for others.

El Oro offers a wide range of trophies and medals to celebrate the exceptional works and accomplishments of people in an organization. It is our way of saying that no matter what your position in the organization is, you deserve recognition.

Academic Events

Awards for academic events are a way of recognizing students’ abilities and talents leading up to their achievements. El Oro, as one of the trophies and medal suppliers in the Philippines, believes that all students deserve high-quality trophies or medals as a sign of appreciating and acknowledging their hard work to push them to continue doing their best work.

Sports Events

Sports events present the greatness and teamwork of sports athletes and those students joining the said event. As one of the trophies and medals suppliers in the Philippines, we truly manufacture high-quality awards that meet the criteria of all types of sports events.

Other Award-Related Events

As one of the trophies and medals suppliers in the Philippines, El Oro supplies elegant and classy-looking trophies and medals that always stand out for all types of awarding events, which makes us the classic favorite by our clients.

We deliver high-quality and timeless-looking trophies and medals to meet the needs of our clients.

What Makes El Oro The Leading Trophies And Medals Supplier In The Philippines?

Trophies And Medals Suppliers Philippines

Our products have been recognized locally and internationally — making us the in-demand supplier for companies abroad, including in the U.S.A. and France. Thus, this makes us one of the trophies and medals suppliers in the Philippines today.

Awards and Recognition

  • In the 1950s, El Oro became the official engraver of various Philippine government institutions, during the presidency of Ramon Magsaysay.
  • In 1951, El Oro was lauded at the 2nd Exposition Nacional de Numismatica Internacional de Medallas in Madrid, Spain.
  • In 1957, El Oro received distinction during the 7th Congress of the International Federation of Medal Editors in Quai, Conti, Paris, France.
  • In 1958, El Oro was awarded distinctions at the Tour of Philippine Contemporary Art, under the auspices of the Art Association of the Philippines at the Brussels International Exposition.

Creative Designs

El Oro supplies and delivers high-quality and elegantly designed trophies and medals, based on your desired customizations and requirements. These designs stand the test of time, and be an excellent addition to any awards display. These qualities cannot be found anywhere else.

Competitive Prices

Despite our high quality and attention to detail, we make sure our products aren’t priced at a premium. Instead, we dedicate ourselves to ensuring our trophies and medals prices in the Philippines are still affordable. And, we do this while ensuring our clients are satisfied with our engraved products.

Excellent Products

Our excellence is something that we have maintained for over three generations of engravers. Our team is thoroughly trained to make only high-quality designs and products, which help us live up to our reputation as the best trophy and medal supplier in the Philippines.

Prompt Delivery

We value our clients as much as we put our hearts into our trophies and medals products. We guarantee our clients an excellent delivery date to satisfy and make their events more celebratory.

Inquire at El Oro today, one of the leading trophies and medals suppliers in the Philippines!

El Oro has partnered with different clients for their awarding ceremonies and different types of events. We are grateful and humbled to be one of the top trophies and medals suppliers in the Philippines today.

We also create high-quality acrylic plaques in the Philippines — another option to commemorate your school, corporate, sports, organizations, and other events that you may deem in need of high-quality laser engraving services.

El Oro has a team of talented and meticulous engravers, making us the best supplier you can find. We can also help you recommend the best type of trophies and medals for your event. Inquire now!