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Metal signage is a form of advertising. It’s a logo. It is not the most expensive item in your branding strategy, but it gives a very powerful impact on your customers because they purchase your product or service based on your signage alone.

That’s why many business owners in the Philippines today are looking for El Oro and investing in our affordable metal signage prices in the Philippines.

We offer a wide selection of metal signages for your business needs as we make sure that each one we make for your business will be a hit, and draw in more customers for your business.

What are the Advantages of Metal Signages for Your Business?

El Oro has been the leading metal signage supplier in the Philippines for many decades, so we know how to make your brand unique and shine above your competitors with our thorough and dynamic steps on making metal signages for your business needs. We offer affordable metal signage prices in the Philippines to help your business be known and let it impress and attract your customers.


We use metal for our signage products because it’s extremely durable and long-lasting. Other than that, it is moisture-free and can withstand extreme elements naturally.

We offer a variety of metal options, such as copper, stainless steel, brass, and more, based on the branding of your business and what we believe fits your brand — that’s why our metal signage price in the Philippines varies based on your design and requirements.


Many of our customers are taking advantage of our metal signages because it offers a wide selection of styles, concepts, designs, patterns, and colors to choose from. It can be customized based on usage, length, and thickness.


As the oldest and best metal signage supplier in the Philippines, we take advantage of our decades of knowledge to make sure that our manufacturing time will not take long.

Once we talk about your needs such as the design, delivery date, your other questions, and more, we will give you the best metal signage price in the Philippines. And, when everything is finalized, we will begin creating your metal signage and will make sure to deliver it on time.

It’s crucial to choose us as your metal signage supplier to take advantage of short lead times and quality manufacturing.


No matter what size, color, design, or style of metal signage you are looking for, El Oro can provide it for your business. And since custom metal signages are difficult to decide alone, we can help you in choosing the perfect metal signage design for your business.


El Oro understands that our signs are an important factor in attracting customers. That’s why we make sure our metal signage prices in the Philippines are affordable. Moreover, we guarantee that, despite not paying a premium, we will always deliver top-notch and decade-high-quality products to our customers.


Our metal signages are easy to clean since they can resist moisture and extreme elements. It only needs to be wiped or sprayed and then it will look good as new due to its excellent weather and corrosion resistance.


One of the good traits of metal signages is they aren’t opaque. Therefore, it’s fit to be used for directions or channel messages to help guide your customers towards the right areas of your business. With our double-sided metal signages, your customers know what they are looking for — and are therefore more likely to purchase your products or service!

What are the Factors of Metal Signage Price in the Philippines?

Metal Signage Price Philippines

At El Oro, you can enjoy competitive metal signage prices in the Philippines, while also receiving a product with long-term functionality, great quality, and an attractive appearance.

That said, how do we determine our metal signage prices? This depends entirely on what you want for your design — and what requirements you want our metal signage to meet. Here are the most important factors that go into our metal signage price in the Philippines:


The larger and more complex your desired signage shape is, the higher we must price our services and final product. We know that the shape of metal signage is important for catching your customer’s eye, so we do our best to fulfill your shape requirements while keeping an affordable metal signage price in the Philippines.


As the oldest and the best metal signage supplier in the Philippines, we manufacture aesthetically pleasing, detailed, and sharp-looking metal signages. All edges are distinct. We also offer metal letters and other emblems that you can add to your design. Our team can bring the design you envision to life!

Texture and layers

Metal signages look better with a touch of texture and layers. We create custom designs to embody your company’s branding to help your business maintain a cohesive and compelling appearance.


The motif is another important factor in metal signage prices in the Philippines. From minimalist to maximalist motifs and designs, we make sure to design your metal signage to fit the style and surroundings of your office.

What Makes El Oro the Leading Metal Signage Supplier in the Philippines?

Leading Metal Signage Supplier in the Philippines

El Oro is the leading metal signage supplier in the Philippines because of our expertise in the metal engraving industry — where we have worked for more than a hundred years!

Today, we are still going strong, as the third generation of our family takes the reins and continues to uphold our legacy in providing high-quality metal signage and other engraved products for our clients.

From our outstanding designs, affordable metal signage prices in the Philippines, excellent products, thorough manufacturing time, and delivery on time, we always surpass the expectations of our clients — and that’s what makes us the best.

Want The Best Metal Signage Price in the Philippines? Message El Oro to Get a Quote!

El Oro has helped many businesses with their brands’ metal signages — earning us a spot as the leading building markers and signage maker in the Philippines.

In the Philippines, our metal signage price varies depending on your design — but we always make sure to price them competitively and reasonably. With El Oro’s team of experienced and talented friendly engravers, we can help you create the best signage design. Get a quote now!

We also offer other customized and engraved metal products, such as our keychains, trophies, medals, and more for events or brands that are in need of high-quality engraving services.