Custom Trophy Maker in the Philippines

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Since its establishment in 1911. El Oro has shown its clients their craftsmanship and dedication to producing products of the highest quality.

The third generation of a family of engravers continues to uphold the same quality of products since its early beginnings. We have been manufacturing presidential medals, decorations, flag pins, badges, and many heraldic items since the 1950s.

Today, El Oro produces a wider variety of products from signages to giveaways to wooden awards. Through our dedication and hard work, we can show our clients that we are also the top custom trophy makers in the Philippines today.

Advantages of Having Custom Trophies For Events

Custom Trophy Maker in the Philippines

Handing over a custom trophy means more than just a person receiving it. There are many things left unsaid when handing over this special award. That’s we at El Oro, the Philippines’ best custom trophy maker, puts effort and time into crafting our pieces.

Whether it be a trophy plaque or an acrylic plaque made by experts in the Philippines, this customized gift says a lot about a person and the company giving the award.

Added Sentimental Value

Trophies and plaques have turned into a fun way to boost the morale of team members from various industries. It has become a memorable and unique way to lift their confidence

As the leading custom trophy maker in the Philippines, El Oro understands the importance of a well-crafted trophy and plaque. These products have grown in popularity in businesses and schools, amongst other institutions.

Presenting an award to a person acknowledges a person’s excellent performance whether it be at school or work. If you add their name as well as a dedication or special recognition to the trophy, it adds a touch of sentimentality to the award itself. It lets the award’s recipient know that their talents and efforts did not go unnoticed, and that you wanted to give them the recognition they deserve.

Increases Brand Awareness

On the side of the company, handing out trophies and plaques during events is an opportunity to build your brand. You may award these trophies to guests during the events, so it allows you to let them know who the company is.

As custom trophy makers in the Philippines, we know that a company’s brand or logo is often printed on these awards. This is an opportunity that they would miss if they bought a plain trophy.

Adding that logo or event name makes it easy for the recipient to remember.

Gives Recognition

An award gives recognition for someone’s outstanding performance. It’s essential to acknowledge this since workers often seek that recognition, especially in a competitive setting.

With awards, plaques, and trophies being given at work, you can expect employees to have more motivation. This creates a spirit of competitiveness among themselves, leading to more productive and efficient workers.

As the Philippines’ best custom trophy maker, we at El Oro ensure that your awardees are given elegant and well-crafted trophies and plaques for whatever award they may receive. We produce both wooden and metal trophies that can either be from our sample design or your customized design.

As a trophy supplier, El Oro understands that handing out these awards is more than just words on a plaque. These awards hold special meaning to whoever is meant to receive them. That’s our team makes it a point to carefully craft these awards to be worthy of the person who receives them.

Why Choose El Oro as Your Custom Trophy Maker?

Custom Trophy Maker in the Philippines

El Oro has been one of the leading custom trophy makers in the Philippines since its establishment in 1911. Our services continue with our 3rd generation of engravers at the helm, and our company is still in demand, both locally and internationally.

What sets us apart from other trophy making services in the country is our craftsmanship, and dedication to quality. Our team is also thoroughly trained to fulfill a variety of customization options!

We offer these options not only for engraved names, but also for the trophy design itself. Clients can pick between our metal or wooden trophies and even have their designs custom-made. All the staff at El Oro have the knowledge and skill to deliver exactly what you’re looking for.

You can also expect your timeless wooden and metal trophy designs to be delivered to you on time and in excellent quality.

Looking for a Custom Trophy Maker in the Philippines? Inquire Today at El Oro!

El Oro engravers specialize in making custom trophies and other award items for corporations, schools, and other institutions. After being in the business for more than a few decades, we understand the importance and value behind each trophy, award, and plaque.

You can expect high-quality and elegant trophies and plaques from the leading custom trophy maker, and trophy and medal supplier in the Philippines. Send us a message here.