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About Us

Mervin Aquino Tupaz

We are the 3rd generation of a family of engravers running the company, and the quality of our products remains the same as when the company had started—over three generations ago.

Since early 1950s, we have been manufacturing presidential medals, decorations, trophies, flag pins, saber, badges, swords, and many other heraldic items.

We also specialize in corporate, school and other institutional awards, trophies and signages such as:

  • Corporate Giveaways
  • Glass and Acrylic Trophy / Award
  • Glass with Wood Awards
  • Steel Awards
  • Wooden Trophy
  • Wall Plaques
  • Car Plates & Business Plates
  • Table Signs | Desk Signs
  • Medals, Pins and Keychains
  • Building Markers & Signages


What separates us from the rest?

There are many attributes that we have that you will find nowhere else in the Philippines. One attribute is our extensive experience in this craft. We have been in this business for over three generations.

This means that we have the knowledge and the skill to deliver what you’re looking for.

Our signature in the industry is client satisfaction. Creative designs, competitive prices, excellent products, and guaranteed timely delivery.



EL ORO was selected “Engraver of the Year” by the Business Writers Association of the Philippines for outstanding and distinguished contributions to Engraving Processing in the Philippines in 1955 and 1956.Former President Ferdinand Marcos and Jose Tupaz Jr.

EL ORO first won acclaim in 1951 at the 2nd Exposition Nacional de Numismatica Internacional de Medallas in Madrid, Spain, and received distinction during the 7th Congress of the International Federation of Medal Editors in Quai, Conti, Paris, France in 1957.

Honors and distinctions were also given at the Tour of Philippine Contemporary Art under the auspices of the Art Association of the Philippines in different countries and at the Brussels International Exposition in 1958.

EL ORO has been the official engraver of various Philippine government  institutions since the time of  the presidency of Ramon Magsaysay in the 1950s.

Currently,  EL ORO products are also in-demand abroad, including the US and Europe.

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