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As the Philippines’ top acrylic awards and recognition maker, El Oro is the one-stop shop for trophies, medals, plaques, and other engraving products for all types of award ceremonies. One of our best products is our expertly made acrylic plaques.

El Oro has a wide range of engraved acrylic plaques in the Philippines. From all shapes, sizes, and colors, you can enjoy our services to make the best commemorative items for your events.

Such items are crucial for functions such as corporate events, academic events, and more. This is why we at El Oro are committed to providing the best acrylic plaques to help you acknowledge one’s outstanding achievements or to mark special occasions.

Why Choose Acrylic Plaques?

Acrylic Plaque In The Philippines

Our acrylic plaques are the most popular trophy awards for any event in schools, offices, organizations, and other award ceremonies in the Philippines. We use top-of-the-line laser engravers to create perfect and elegant-looking acrylic plaques in the Philippines. We only offer the best-of-the-best acrylic plaques for our clients, because we believe they deserve high-quality products to celebrate their event.

Here are a few advantages this product provides:

Modern and Stylish

El Oro has a wide selection of modern and stylish acrylic plaques to meet any theme for an event. We believe that acrylic plaques allow you to show recognition to employees, students, leaders, volunteers, and others who are deserving to receive an award for their excellence. That’s why we make sure to provide great acrylic plaque designs to make the award recipients happy.

Rich and Detailed Appearance

El Oro celebrates your people through the rich and detailed appearance of our acrylic plaques in the Philippines. Our acrylic plaques are beautifully crafted and can be customized. They will also look great when displayed in the home or office, as they can easily complement the environment around them with their classic elegance. And, though it looks costly, we offer affordable prices.

Ideal for Any Type of Event

El Oro provides the best acrylic plaques in the Philippines for any kind of sporting, corporate, or academic events, workplace anniversaries, and more. When it comes to providing awards and commemoration for these functions, our acrylic plaques are among the top choices!

This is because they can be designed to meet the requirements and theme of the occasion, and provide a sentimental touch to the event for the recipient. That’s why today our acrylic plaques are in-demand for any event you can think of.

What Makes El Oro The Leading Manufacturer Of Acrylic Plaque In The Philippines?

Acrylic Plaque In The Philippines

Our decades of work and dedication to excellence have put us firmly in place as the best manufacturer of acrylic plaques in the Philippines. With the 3rd generation of our family of engravers running our company, we are able to maintain what our company has provided since our founding!

Years of Recognition

El Oro has been in the field of the metal engraving industry since the 1950s, and we’ve received critical acclaim for our expertise and service to our clients.

  • We became the official engraver of different government institutions in the Philippines during the leadership of the Pangulo ng Masa Ramon Magsaysay in the 1950s.
  • We received international awards in Madrid, Spain. First in the 2nd Exposition Nacional de Numismatica Internacional de Medallas in 1951, and again 6 years later, with a distinction at the 7th Congress of the International Federation of Medal Editors in Quai, Conti, Paris, France.
  • We also received honors at the Tour of Philippine Contemporary Art, under the Art Association of the Philippines at the Brussels International Exposition.


Today, our years of recognition in both local and international fields have proven that we are the best acrylic plaque manufacturer in the country.

Excellent Designs

El Oro supplies and delivers excellent, unique, and modern-looking designed acrylic plaques in the Philippines that beat the quality and designs offered by other acrylic plaque manufacturers. This is because we make sure to provide qualities in our acrylic plaques that cannot be found anywhere else.

Affordable Prices

El Oro believes that our high-quality acrylic plaque prices in the Philippines should be affordable, while still firmly meeting our client’s standards. This is why we make sure to price our services reasonably and competitively.

High-quality Acrylic Plaques

El Oro is run by the 3rd generation of a family of engravers, which ensures that our company maintains the qualities of our acrylic plaques that we have continuously improved and refined from when our company started decades ago.

On-Time Delivery

We value our clients as much as we put our hearts into our acrylic plaques that are received and appreciated by many awardees. We guarantee our clients prompt delivery times to ensure our products arrive on time for their events.


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El Oro has partnered with numerous clients for their awarding ceremonies and different types of events. We are the trusted supplier of high-quality acrylic plaques in the Philippines. If you want to work with us to receive the best acrylic plaques for your event, inquire here today!

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