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Giving away trinkets and gifts during an event is a simple way of communicating your fondness and appreciation. This message can reach the different customers, companions, workers, and individuals that you encounter.

One of the most valuable yet useful gifts to give away in the Philippines is a personalized acrylic keychain.

When looking for a custom keychain maker in the Philippines, go to El Oro. Our decades of experience in the industry prove that we are capable of producing various designs to your specifications.

Where Can I Give Away Custom Keychains?

There are many events where you can give out personalized acrylic keychains. The beauty of this item lies in its utility. With keys being one of the easiest items to lose, giving these out can be a lifesaver to many.

As the Philippines’ leading custom keychain maker, we at El Oro can craft designs that can suit various occasions.


Make your birthday party memorable by giving away personalized acrylic chains to guests. Many adults are sure to use this trinket since it comes in handy in keeping their keys visible.

The festivities are the highlight of the event, so every time they see this giveaway, they’ll always be reminded of your special day.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are events where members of a specific industry gather together to showcase their latest products and launches.

When you are surrounded by competitors who may produce similar products to you, you must stand out in a crowd of potential customers and investors.

As the best custom keychain maker in the Philippines, El Oro understands that you’re producing this giveaway to increase your brand’s visibility. A well-produced and high-quality personalized acrylic keychain can be a subtle yet constant reminder for your company.

This can be the key to getting your brand recognized by customers. Simple yet everyday items prove to be useful for many people. If you wish to create that spark of recognition, do it through this small trinket.

Fundraising Events

Fundraising events are held to support an organization and its cause. It is usually used to raise money for future projects to continue their mission.

Make your event something to remember by giving away something that they can use every day like a keychain. This is an example of a useful gift that can easily support the image of your organization.

Since it is a useful item for everyday life, it can easily give them an enduring impression of your cause. They can get reminded of the event when seen hanging from your bag. It can be more impressive if made by expert hands like El Oro, the Philippines’ best custom keychain maker.

Sporting Events

One of the few events that make people come together is a sporting event. Whether it’s a small event like a school league or as big as the Olympics, many people come together in the spirit of camaraderie.

As an event organizer or sponsor, you can make this an event to remember by distributing small gifts to all the participants and some audience members.

Personalized keychains from the Philippines’ sporting events can be a good way for people to remember the event by. Since it is useful to many, it won’t be something one can easily throw away, especially if made by leading custom keychain makers in the Philippines like El Oro.

Christmas Parties

Christmas is the time for giving! Many keychain makers in the Philippines suggest a personalized keychain can be the perfect gift to give employees and customers.

Despite it being very simple, it can still hold a lot of value. Think of the feeling of relief that people can have, knowing that they no longer have to worry about losing their keys. This gift can even be engraved with their initials to make it more special and personal.

El Oro, one of the leading custom keychain makers in the Philippines creates personalized acrylic keychains for different kinds of events. With our expertise, you’ll receive keychains that can help raise your brand awareness and reputation.

Why is El Oro the Leading Custom Keychain maker in the Philippines?

Custom Keychain Maker in the Philippines

There are many corporate giveaways that you can personalize and engrave, keychains being one of them. They are cost-efficient yet still valuable for many people.

As the Philippines’ best keychain maker, El Oro understands that giveaways like this serve a double meaning. It commemorates an occasion while marketing your brand at the same time.

Through our years of experience, we are still able to offer products of the same high-quality quality since 1911. We’ve proven our expertise by producing custom keychains and other corporate giveaways to our client’s requests and specifications.

Inquire Today at El Oro, the Best Custom Keychain Maker in the Philippines!

As a supplier for corporate giveaways in the Philippines, products like our personalized keychains are just a few of the items that we at El Oro can produce for our clients. Now that we’re in the 3rd family generation of engravers, we leave our mark by keeping all clients satisfied with our creative designs and high-quality products.

Inquire now to see what we can do with your personalized keychain designs — we also offer other options for awarding and memorabilia purposes, such as our custom trophy maker services.